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The PATHPOD system and ships which are central to the AfriDx project have now arrived Ghana from DTU.

In the middle of March 2021, four (4) PATHPOD systems were successfully delivered to AfriDx partners in Ghana after undergoing necessary clearance at Ghana's Custom services. AfriDx partner NMIR under the leadership of Prof. Michael Wilson coordinated distribution of all PATHPOD systems to other AfriDx partners in Ghana, namely KCCR and KNUST.

Shortly after this, the accompanying chips were shipped again, under controlled temperatures of between 2 and 8 Celcius. We are glad to announce that these have now been delivered successfully to NMIR and are now being distributed to other partners in AfriDx partners in Ghana.

The delivery of the PATHPOD systems and chips for clinical testing in Ghana is an important mileston in the AfriDx project as it launches exciting times where actual experimentation and real world data will be generated towards achieving the objectives of the project.

The next steps will involve a follow-up virtual training and demonstration on the use of the PATHPOD system and Chips between DTU and partners in Ghana (NMIR, KCCR, KNUST). Shortly after this the performace of chips in Ghana will be compared with the performance of ship recorded at DTU to account for the effect of transit.

We expect very exciting times for the AfriDx project in the following weeks.