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After the arrival of the PATHPOD system and first batch of cartridges in Ghana was distribution to partners, a virtual training aimed at familiarizing partners with the PATHPOD system as well as equipping them with trouble shooting techniques was successfully conducted by DTU.

This success set the stage for preliminary testing of the PATHPOD system locally at the various study sites prior to clinical trial study.

Preliminary testing involved retesting of archived samples with known covid status to assess degree of agreement between the two systems; PATHPOD and RT qPCR. The good news is that preliminary testing has produced promising results, setting the stage for the clinical trial which aims to assess the possibilities for the use of the PATHPOD system on a wider scale in the fight against COVID 19 in Ghana. After review of results from the testing centers in Ghana, all partners were satisfied with outcome so far.

The first phase of testing for COVID has now commenced with the various AfrIDx testing sites receiving and testing samples from suspected COVID cases alongside the gold standard (qpcr). 

The testing centers are: KNUST MOL LAB, NMIMR and Anglogold Ashanti laboratory (Obuasi). Result accrued so far is being used to build the database for assessing the usefulness of the PATHPOD system in the wider usage. Over halfway through, KNUST, KCCR and NMIMR are working tirelessly to complete the first phase of testing and prepare for second phase of testing.